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Boyo - 1999 - July 22, 2010


0 February 17, 2012 in Felines
My Boyo was my love. I first saw him shining in the sun at the shelter, all silvery. He was my Russian Blue Boy, with white spots. He was Mr. Cat Ambassador to the world, and he left a huge hole in my heart. I decided to switch careers into Vet Tech because I so loved taking care of him. He was only 11 years, an indoor cat. He developed cardiomyopathy (dilative), with heart failure. He seemed to respond to treatment, albeit with frequent crises, but in only 2 months, he was gone. The lymphoma only showed up on radiograph 1 week before he had to be euthanized; his lungs were covered in it, so he couldn't breathe. We found out when he was startled by a dog whose owner let it run up to all the other pets in the waiting room at the clinic; Boyo had been doing great, then crashed within minutes. Later that day, the x-ray showed why. I don't know if the cardiomyopathy was related to the lymphoma. He didn't respond to prednisone, and it was too late for chemotherapy. We had spent hundreds of dollars by that point, and we'd do it again. That last night, he curled up by my head and purred; he used to cuddle by my heart, with his cheek to mine. He loved being held and cuddled, but couldn't stand it for long at the end. I had him cremated with one of his "babies" - a fluffy toy on a stick, which he bathed, watered, fed, chased, and brought to bed with us to it could cuddle with me. Everything he did, his baby did. We went through a lot of them.

I adopted him when he was 9 months old. He had a locket, two secret white spots under his armpits, and a huge spot between his hind legs. He had that handsome cobra profile and silver-tipped short sleek soft fur, and great gold eyes. He would press his nose to my philtrum when we greeted or cuddles, and he conforted me when I was sad. My only sadness as I study Veterinary Technology is that my little guy isn't here with me. I had to pill him 3-4 times daily, and we couldn't leave him for long. But we miss him. We still live you, Boyo. We always will. I don't understand why you had so much happen to you. He was neutered, FIV and FeLV negative. In his lifetime, he had an ear tumor(benign), two bladder surgeries for stones and a perineal urethrectomy (which re-made his life in a positive way), cardiomyopathy and heart failure, an anal abcess, and then lymphoma. He was diagnosed with heart failure 3 days before my birthday, when I was shadowing; I saw a dog with a gigantic abdomnal lymphoma. Little did I know. To think we were relieved when radiographs did not then show any tumors.

On July 5th, after we got home from a family reunion, Boyo awakened us with an anal abcess; then we had to take him to the emergency clinic in another city. My goal to co-found local emergency services in our area, along with DVMs, so that others don't have to do that terrible midnight drive, not knowing if their beloved pet was even alive. If I ever get to do that, it will be in honor of Boyo. He led me to finally doing what I love, but no other pet will ever replace him. We were sent a lovely stray to comfort us in Boyo's last days, and we adore her, but I will always have that ache for my Boy-Boy. I miss your smiley face, your purr, you joy. You were the happiest cat I've ever seen, and your were happy, your entire life. And oh, you were so smart, my persistent little problem solver. He spent hours. systematically examining how to escape downstairs, examining the pet gates from every angle, squeezing through above and below, moving handweights, books, only to go sit under the kitchen table, waiting for me to come. Even the vet's office loved you, you were so handsome and good-natured. You brought so much joy. I wish we'd had more time. I wish we had eternity to spend together.
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