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Bella - 06-15-01 to 01-28-12


0 April 24, 2012 in Felines
I found my Bella over 10 yrs ago, 3 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed. I had never had a cat, she was this little black beauty. I didn't think she would make it, but never gave up and she thrived and became the best friend I've ever had.

She became sick fall of 2011. They told me it was IBD, but proved to be Feline Intestinal Lymphoma. Diagnosed in Dec/2011. She began treatment immediately, but never could get in remmisson. Her little body was down to 5 lbs when the vet hospital called and said I needed to think about putting her to sleep. I never wanted to let her go, but her big beautiful eyes told me it was time. I held her til the end and my heart left with her.

Rest Peacefully, My Sweet Girl.
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