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Cat: Woodstock
male, Cornish Rex

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Woodstock's Case Study  

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Story: Woodstock was diagnosed in April 2003 at the age of 22 months. The first sign was a swollen left side at the kidney, and by the next day, he was not eating. We rushed to the vet and found that he was in complete kidney failure, and his organs were shutting down. We rushed to the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School, where he was diagnosed with kidney lymphoma and put on the COP protocol to be administered under their direction by my home vet.

Woodstock was expected to live 2-4 months or perhaps up to 2 years with remission. We also consulted with a holistic vet and added many holistic meds to his treatment plan. The biggest problem we faced was a number of urinary tract infections after giving one of the drugs in the COP protocol, cytoxan.

I attribute his success to his general easy-going disposition, the chemo, and the holistic meds, including very good nutrition and daily Reiki healing energy treatments--and LOTS of love.

Outcome: Updated 10/2008 - Woodstock is still in remission as of September 2008.

Outcome: Updated 12/2007 - Woodstock is still doing great!!

Outcome: Woodstock initially lost weight, but after 2 months began to rally, and has been a happy boy ever since. He had chemo for 22 months, and, as of this writing, he is still in remission after 16 months off chemo. We have also taken him off several of his holistic meds, but we continue several of the important supplements and continue very good nutrition (fresh turkey daily, Wellness canned and dry food, adrenal support, CAS Options, LapHappy). See the complete story at Woodstock's Website

- By Cyndee Woodstock's Mom -
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 Chemo Protocol Used 

COP Protocol used, you can find it in the document below listed in alphabetical order [under Chemo Drugs] Chemo & Protocols [pdf].

 Holistic Remedies Used 

Animal Essencials Probiotics, Standard Process Symplex M, Ambrotose, PolyMVA, IP6, CAS Options, Phyllanthus Complex, Tinkle Tonic.
Nutrition: Fresh meat, LapHappy, Wellness cat food, Petinic.

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