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Cat: Maxamillion
male, Tuxedo

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Maxamillion's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
As he had lived beneath cars parked on pavement for safety from preditors, he picked up a quantity of auto fluids that have caused his kidneys to be riddled with scar tissue, although there are no signs, yet, of kidney disease. He has an arthritic hind leg from supposedly being hit by a car before coming to live with us.

Story: Max was about age four when diagnosed and treated with CCNU. Had to use smallest measurable dosage as his WBC count was fragile, so chemo was protracted and frightening at times. Today he is off the maintenance prednisone that we were expecting to give him for the rest of his life, as prednisone destroys the thymus and we took in a foster FIV+ boy, creating another danger for him. Instead, we have been giving him Moducare on a daily basis, to enhance the capabilities of his immune system.

Outcome: Updated 1/28/2006 - Max came out of remission, for a short time, but he is now back in remission. We just got back from the ultrasound and Dr Starrack couldn't find signs of cancer anywhere, so Max is considered in remission again. :-)

We were a little concerned as he has been left with a slight problem that turns out to be possible nerve damage from where the cancer was situated around his esophagus this last time. He has slight problems swallowing,however he is still eating and maintaining weight, and because of his advanced age his motility in his stomach has slowed down, so we will be treating him with sulcrate for a while to help his nerves heal. Now we are off for a celebration dinner of tuna.

Outcome: The chemo was about three or four years ago now. We have moved on as he is very healthy and happy and don't think about it much any more. His body regained normal shape when we took him off the maintenance prednisone, and Iam very glad that we did.

- By Pat Maxamillion's Mom -
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 Chemo Protocol Used 

Lomustine/CCNU Protocol was used, you can find it in the document below listed in alphabetical order [under Chemo Drugs] Chemo & Protocols [pdf].

 Holistic Remedies Used 

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