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Nutrition/Diet Resources  

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  Nutrition/Diet :: Inappetent Cat Resources

If your cat quits eating while undergoing treatment there are resources out there to help get them eating again.

Feeding Tips & Techniques
  Click here [pdf format]
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Yahoo Assist Feeding Group
  Click here for their website.

USDA, ARS, Nutrient Data Laboratory
This site lets you compare the nutritional composition of different human foods. You can use it to determine the nutrition your cat is getting in its food.
  Click here for their website.

  Cat Food :: Resources for Valuable Info

Great resource for cat food information!

Cat Food Quick Reference Table
  Click here for their website.

  Misc. Cancer/Nutrition Links

"We do not endorse the information on these pages. They are provided here for your information and evaluation."

Alkalize for Health
  Click here for their website.

Natural Supplements for Cancer Prevention
  Click here for their website.

Max's House® Feline Nutrition
  Click here for their website.

Encourage Kitty to Eat and/or Diminish Nausea or Seizures
  Click here for their website.

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 Healthy Eating Tips 

A good quality food is extremely important for your cat, and even more so when they are ill. Fighting cancer takes a huge amount of energy, so a cat getting a high quality food is getting that extra source of strength that comes with healthy eating. Yes these food cost more, BUT in the long run it will save you money in vet bills and more important than that, will keep your cat healthy and with you that much longer!

 Quality Food Links 

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 Meet Some of the Kitties 

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