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Cat: Jacob
male, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Jacob's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
CRF [chronic renal failure]

Story: Jacob was diagnosed on 3/28/01 with Renal Lymphoma. At the time his oncologist suggested that I bring him home, give him Prednisone and make him comfortable. She did not expect him to live more than another eight months, if that. I insisted that we try chemotherapy despite the doctor's objections. He did not respond well to the forst two doses and the doctor suggested that if he did not respond after the following dose we should stop. She now gave him four to six months to live. I was devestated and asked my parish priest to bless him. What a wonderful man, he not only blessed him, but for weeks afterward he had a standing appointment with us after Jacob's chemo appointments. After the blessing Jacob responded! By June he was in full remission.

Shortly before he was diagnosed I had started to date someone new. Eighteen months later we were married. I walked down the aisle with a picture of my sweet kitty in my bouquet. Jacob has since welcomed a human sister and brother to our tribe!

Jacob passed the six year mark since his diagnosis and I constantly tease his oncologist (who we see twice a year) about being wrong, although I know she is glad that, for once, she was!

Today [4/15/2007] is Jacob's 11th Birthday!

Good luck to all of you and have hope.

Outcome: Still going strong.

- By Monique Jacob's Mom -
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