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Cat: Shila
female, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
GI Lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Shila's Case Study  

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Story: Beginning of December (a month after her last immunization), Shila stopped eating, but wasn't too bad. We went to our vet, he diagnosed a common infection and gave her a injection. She did eat again - for two weeks. We went back to the vet, she became antibiotics and nutrical, she did eat well, for approx. 10 days. She wasn't the same as usual, did not play, more or less just sleeping. Went to the vet again (was not there himself), the stand-in had problems to check up on her, Shila is very anxious, and wanted to assign here to vets hospital. She thaught, that Shila must have pain in her neck, and gave her cortisone, actually prednisolone. A day later, my vet told me that he want's to wait how the prednisolone works. Shila has eaten very very well (actually a lot more than usual) for approx. 10 days, then she did eat less from day to day. We went to the vet again, he made x-raym, took blood = nothing to be seen. One day later, Shila did not eat at all. It was weekend, we started to feed her with a nozzle. On Monday, our vet made an appointment for us at the hospital. I went there with Shila on Wednesday, it was very bad for both of us. She was crying awfully while the doctor was checking on her. I had to leave here there. They called us the same afternoon, that the blood tests are negativ, they would make a ultrasound the coming day. On Thursday, we have waited for a call all day long, we thaught this might be not too bad, because they would have called. Actually they did, at half past 7 in the evening - with the very bad diagnosis lymphoma in intestinal wall. The suggested to make an immediant, aggressive "once-chemo" with the risk, that she may not survive the night. We thaught that we must give her this chance, and had a horrible night of course. All our thoughts were with her. On Friday, the phonecall came, that Shila did overcome the chemo well, we could pick her up with medicine. But we knew, that this would not last forever. She would have a chance to live for 3 - 6 months in a hopefully good shape. If over the week-end, she would be worse, it could be an adverse-reaction of the chemo, peritonitis, which could kill here.

Shila was quite good from Saturday on, she eat again for a few days. Then she stopped eating her normal food. I started to feed her with raw meat, which she actually loves.

Now, I think she is a bit worse than last week. She does eat, but mostly she's lying on the floor and sleeps. Our last hope is the homeopathy and a good nutrition. Otherwise, we would have to put her out of her misery. It's just so hard, if you don't know when the right moment comes. But we still hope for a few good months, with the homeopathy. Please keep your fingers crossed, I will keep you updated.

Outcome: Updated February 2008 - Shila died on 9th February, we had to euthanise her 16 days after her Lymphoma diagnosis. Her condition went bad very quickly. From Thursday on, she did not eat anymore, Thursday night, she could not control her urine anymore, Friday late evening, she was breathing heavily. We immediately went to the vet with her. We are very sad, but relieved that she does not suffer anymore.

Outcome: Will keep you updated

- By Monika Shila's Mom -
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