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Cat: Sable
male, DLH

Type of Lymphoma:
Alimentary (intestinal lesion)

FeLV Status:

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Sable's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
none before weight loss, some anemia

Story: Majestic handsome black cat became a finicky eater & rapidly lost about half his body weight. Vet thought kidney failure as Sable had no vomiting or diarrhea (pretty common I found out later!) Ultrasound: negative kidneys, liver, spleen, + bowel lesion, emlarged nearby lymph nodes. Surgery removed lesion & biopsied some nodes (nodes came back reactive only, not malignant; bowel lesion + for lymphoma) Healing now, bowels working, being syringe-fed in addition to favorite foods. Special AD diet, Fancy Feast & Ensure mixed looks vile but he gets it down & nibbles on Fancy Feast between times.

Will begin chemo of some sort 1/11 or 1/14. Poor thing is still a bag of bones: went from 10.8 12/21 to 10.2 12/26 & 9.9 as of 1/2/08. Afraid to weigh him at home. I am aware of the probable outcome, but want to do all to assure a COMFORTABLE survival for as long as we can. We feel for anyone going through this.

Outcome: See above. Hanging in there so far.

- By Barbara Sable's Mom -
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