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Cat: Little
male, Siamese, Blue Point

Type of Lymphoma:
Mesenteric Lymphadenopathy

FeLV Status:

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Little's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
hyperethesia, CRF, pancreatitis

Story: HI My name is Little. Well actually folks my name is David Addison Webb, As my story goes on you can guess who I was named after, (ok maybe I will let it slip later). I was born in 1987, with my brother THE BIG GUY (TBG). Our mother's name was Fluffernutter (aka Fluff). We are Blue Points with Appleheads. My brother was born on the stairs. Me I was the runt of the litter. I was sooo cute - a little fluffy fur ball. There was another small litter mate but he liked to bite, so Mom chose me. They painted my toenails pink to be sure we knew who I was when Mom and Dad came to pick me up.

When Mom and Dad came to pick us up, Fluff's parents put two left over kittens on the table. Both were long and skinny and had the biggest ears and their tails were looked like rat tails. Fluff's parents said, which one do you want ?? Well just then TBG went over to the edge of the table and let out the most uncat-like loud roar like a lion on steroids. Mom and Dad pointed at the same time "That ONE!?

On the way home in the car, they had separated us - we each had our own carrier. Mom and Dad were discussing names and, they were thinking about Dave and Bruno - but Mom wanted something more sophistiCATed sounding. So they decided on David Addison Webb (aka Addison). Then they chose Bruno Pietrowski Webb for the other name, figure it out yet?

Over the years I became known as Addy then as I got smarter and fresher- Addison Baddison. Then finally when my brother Bruno became an adult he weighed 23 lbs and became known as THE BIG GUY (TBG) then I was called Little since I only weighed 8 lbs.

My brother passed on in 2001 from CRF. I already had crf when he went to the Bridge. We would compete as to who could get up on the table first to get fluids. Mom and Dad did me first because I had no patience and my brother was such a Sweetheart he would behave forever but not me.

I have hyperethesia which makes me a little spazz. I don't walk right - I shake my back legs like I have stepped in a puddle of water. My skin ripples and I am a compulsive licker. I wink but we aren't sure it is not a twitch. I shake my head and my eyes rotate around- I look like a an MS cat who has had too much to drink. And when I want something- I WANT IT NOW.

I have had crf for 7 1/2 years and got fluids every day with B vitamins added to the bag. I have had lymphoma for 5 1/2 years and then got pancreatitis for 4 years. When I first was dx with lymphoma , the internal med vet said I only had 3 months - well POOEY, we showed him didn't we!

For the lymphoma we did started on pred right away. Then we added the leukeran for 1 1/2 years. I can't do IV chemo drugs because there are some you have to be still for to get the IV and I can not stay still. My white count got too low. So my vet consulted with a classmate from Cornell and they invited another vet to the team - we call her the med vet- to give me shots of Elspar. We were on Elspar for 3 1/2 years. We kept lengthening out the time in between shots until we stopped in Oct of 2006. All my vets were from the same graduating class at Cornell, so we are paying off student loans, as I write this note.

Info on my DX:
1. Moderate multifocal lymphocytic gastritis
2. Small intestine: malignant lymphoma
3. mild enlargement of several mesenteric LN (lymph nodes)
4. bowl walls had prominent layers and normal to slightly thickened walls
5. Opinion: mesenteric lymphadenopathy
6. lymphoma in intestines is small cell type and highly epitheliotropic
For fourteen years , I never said a word except a tiny squeak. I let my brother talk . After he passed away, one day I spent some time by his urn which Mom and had put out on the porch with me. When I came in, I decided it was time to speak up, so I have been talking ever since. Mom was glad because I also decided that I liked her too. I have always been spastic and did not like to be pick up etc., you know, fussed over. I was always Dad's boy and he would pick me up once a week (we had a deal) and give me cuddles. He would rub my head and I would fall asleep in his big long arms. But hey after talking with TBG, I found out that Mom's chair was a very nice place to be with my left leg on her foot (that way she could not go anywhere).

I passed away on Tues. Sept. 4th 2007, leave it to me to get sick on a holiday weekend. Oh well, I went to the Bridge on my own terms with Mom and Dad's help and taking their love and my towel with me. For a cat who spent the better part of my life as a brat, I really came around and was a real loving sweetheart just like my brother and oh sooo cute. I am looking forward to doing my licky licks with TBG every night at 10.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we were named for the actor who was on the Moonlighting show. He's the big Die Hard hero - just like me.

Little - {{{winking}}} from the Bridge

PS: Thanks to everyone for the help, support and guidance that you give. My advice - Don't Ever Give Up. Just think of me - 3 months to live ... POOEY!

Outcome: He survived for almost 6 years passed his dx of lymphoma to the age of 20 1/2 years.

- By Marcia Little's Mom -
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