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Cat: Pouncer
male, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:

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Pouncer's Case Study  

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Story: Still too hard to write about. Pouncer was diagnosed on 9/06/2003, at the age of 11. He had been losing weight. Pouncer would not let any one handle him but me and my family, which made it so he would have been impossible to treat aggressively. Every time I would take him to the vet for an examination, they would have to sedate him. He did not have chemo or radiation.

Outcome: Pouncer died 10/01/2003.
Note from Courtney; The photo is of Pouncer about 8 months before I found out he was sick. Pouncer is the big grey/black cat in the foreground the kitten is my other cat Rowan. As ironic as it is I had tried a few years before to bring another kitty into the house and Pouncer would attack it every chance he got when I brought Rowan home Pouncer must have known he was sick because he was not sweet to Rowan but he did not beat him up. I think Pouncer knew he was not well and did not want me to be alone when he left me.

- By Courtney Pouncer's Mom -
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