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Cat: Drew
male, Mixed Breed

Type of Lymphoma:
Intestinal -- small cell

FeLV Status:

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Drew's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: Drew had been slowly losing weight for at least a year. He also had diarrhea, but with 4 other cats, I couldn't be sure who was doing what in the box. I had taken him into the vet clinic for this reason and had a whole blood panel done. The vets (since it was a clinic, I never saw the same vet twice) were not concerned with his weight loss because he was still over 11 lbs. even though he is not a small- framed cat. When I noticed that he had broken one of his canine teeth, I took him to a cats-only vet and he immediately commented on his weight. Drew had his dental cleaning and had all 4 canines removed. I scheduled exploratory surgery for a month later. His biopsy results came back right after the first of the year. The next week we started the L-COPA protocol for 2 rounds, and then switched to Leukeran. The only problems we have encountered are his change of tastes. He starts rejecting a brand of food after about 2 months of eating it regularly and still will not go back to eating any that has been rejected again. It has been a struggle to get him to eat enough to gain weight. When we started chemo, he was 8.5 lbs and is now around 10 lbs. We have used Cypro throughout the whole ordeal. He was 14 year old when diagnosed and will be 16 the first week of August.

Outcome: He has been in clinical remission for about a year and has been holding pretty steady since. I don't think he will reach complete remission; the Leukeran is just keeping it under control.

- By Kerry Drew's Mom -
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 Chemo Protocol Used 

L-COPA Protocol was used to start. He was switched to and currently is on Leukeran, you can find info about these drugs in the document below listed in alphabetical order [under Chemo Drugs] Chemo & Protocols [pdf].

 Holistic Remedies Used 

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