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Cat: Millie
Blue/Cream Persian

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Millie's Case Study  

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Story: We had our beloved Millie for 12 fabulous years. No obvious signs or symptoms until a July 1 when her breathing became erratic. Took her to our local vets where they took a fluid tap and then referred us onto the Gulf Coast Animal Hospital in our town where they also took a fluid tap and lots more x-rays/scans etc. We took her for one more opinion before the dreaded decision was made.

Outcome: Yesterday 7/7/08 we lost the fight with our precious Millie. My husband was with her when we had her calmly put to sleep, a week of fighting was the end for her, bless her. I feel so very alone. RIP my sweet one and thank you for all the unconditional love x.

- By Millie's Mom -
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