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Cat: Slyvester Stallone
Mixed Norwegian Forest cat, DLH

Type of Lymphoma:
Mediastinal Lymphmona

FeLV Status:

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Sylvester Stallone's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: Sly began breathing rapidly in late July. After a week we took him to the Vet and she took an x-ray. Sly's thoracic cavity was full of fluid and it was compressing his lungs and heart. The vet withdrew about 1,5 mil of plueral fluid and checked for FIP. She said the fluid was clear yellow with a small amount of blood. About a week later, we returned to the Vet and Sly had a fever. He was given an antibiotic and a shot of Prednisone. He improved greatly: eating well and playing with our other two cats. His remission lasted 6 weeks and than he began rapid breathing again. (90 breaths per minute) The Vet gave him another shot of Prednisone and within three days he seemed better and his breathing was normal. Again he ate well and played. About six days later he began coughing as if to cough out the fluid but nothing was expectorated. He continues to act like he feels pretty good, eat well amd chase the other cats.

Outcome: I put Sly on cat vitamins and am giving him crushed Rutin in his food: about 150 mg per day.

- By Terri Sylvester Stallone's Mom -
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