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Cat: Winterfrost Gypsy Dancer
Oriental Shorthair

Type of Lymphoma:

FeLV Status:

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Winterfrost Gypsy Dancer's Case Study  

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Story: Gypsy was diagnosed with mediastinal lymphoma late fall 2005. Her owner elected to treat her at her regular vet who consulted with an oncologist in the area.

Gypsy started chemo 11/16/2005, she got Vincristine weekly for 7 weeks, Prednisolone daily. She got Leukeran 3x per week starting at week 11, then Doxorubicin once at week 13. She died 3/1/2006, her cause of death is unknown, we are awaiting results of necropsy.

Outcome: Gypsy passed away on 3/1/2006.

- By Valerie Gypsy's Moms Friend -
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