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Cat: Asia
Domestic Shorthair

Type of Lymphoma:

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Asia's Case Study  

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Story: Asia began not eating and not playing with everything in the house. She was normally a little "terror" and then settled into a loving girl after burning off lots of energy. She stopped eating and eliminating and also lost weight. Her breathing also became labored. It began rather suddenly, got her to the vet. He tested her for Feline Leukemia and she tested strong.

This vet recommended euthanasia but after considering it over the Thanksgiving holiday and seeing how she responded to a steroid shot, decided to get another opinion from oncologist vet in our area.

Her ECHO immediately showed a tumor in chest cavity, vet withdrew fluid and tested it. Result was Mediastinal Lymphoma. We treated that day, 11.24.2006 and we go back next week.

Last night Asia had a good night, she slept with me all night and was obviously enjoying that and being next to her favorite shih tzu.

Outcome: So far so good.

- By Dianne Asia's Mom -
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