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Cat: Booter
male, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Throat, neck area

FeLV Status:

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Booter's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
Mild Cardio Myopothy

Story: Booter was diagnosed with Asthma back in December of 2006. He was given several monthly injection of steroid. After the 4th one, I noticed that he was still coughing, so I took him back in. The vet discovered a small lump on his neck, about the size of ping pong ball. Not having a clue what was wrong, we did a full blood workup, checking for everything including a fungal infection, urinalysis, x-rays, and aspirated the lump. He was also put on Keflex (antibiotic) because they didn't know what else to do.

Every single test came back negative! He had nothing as far as they could tell. The x-rays of his lungs looked terrible, so they were still suspecting fungal infection in his lungs. In the mean time, we were watching the lump grow right before our eyes. Their only answer was to keep poking and prodding at Booter.

We then got proactive about finding a holistic vet and getting a handle on Booter's situation. Within 10 minutes of meeting our new vet, he put Booter on a program to boost his immune system. he was very concerned about the lump on Boo's neck which was now almost the size of a baseball (this is one week later). He tried to perform a needle biopsy but felt that the sample he had was going to produce inconclusive results again in addition to wasting time and money, and wanted to do a surgical biopsy instead which we agreed to. At this same time, a echocardiogram was performed which is when we discovered the mild Cardio Myopothy.

The results of the biopsy were definite - Lymphosarcoma.

Booter was referred to an internist and radiologist for further evaluation of his lung and cardio issues. We weren't sure what course of action we could take if any. By now, he had been on the Keflex for 20 days, and the lump looked like a small grapefruit. Much to our surprise, his lungs looked normal again and nothing indicated that he had a fungal infection. So there we were, me, Boo, Doc, and my partner on speaker phone, trying to decide what to do next. There was nothing stopping us from doing Chemo. Boo was sitting up, bright eyed and just looking at me like "Well? We're running out of time here lady!". Just a note - Boo couldn't really eat or purr anymore because the tumor had gotten so large, so I imagine it was just a matter of a week before we would have lost him.

We jumped in with both feet and started Chemo right there and then with an injection of Elspar. We are lucky enough to live in L.A. and have one the top oncology departments attached to the hospital where the internist is. Two days after the Elspar, we started to notice a reduction in the tumor. However, Boo was still not really eating and started to get dehydrated. I didn't hesitate to take him in for some sub-Q fluids. When I picked him up, he looked perky and seemed to feeling a whole lot better. Upon arriving home, he ran to the bowl and ate up his first meal without any coaxing from me. his appetite has been normal since then. He has been very playful as well. The injection of Elspar reduced the tumor by 75%.

Outcome: Week 1 4/11/07 - Elspar, Reduced tumor by almost 75%. Week 2 4/20/07- Vinchristine - No response, infact, tumor has grown about 25%. Week 3 4/27/07- Cytoxan - the jury is still out.

- By Grey & Michal Booter's Parents -
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