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Cat: Bud
male, Tabby

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Bud's Case Study  

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Story: 15 yr old Buddy has been with us since he was weened. He enjoyed his childhood in Cocoa Beach Florida until we moved to the backwoods of Tennessee for 7 years. He enjoyed the outdoors and hanging around the campers at the nearby state park. When we moved to back to Florida, he disappeared for awhile, reappearing almost a year later when we returned to Tennessee to check on our old home. He willingly hopped in a carrier and flew to our new home, reuniting with other pet and family members. He still liked being an outdoor cat, except at night when he slid under the garage door and slept, ate and enjoyed his very own "space".

There are a bunch of other cats on this street, outdoor cats, but belonging to one particular home. One of these cats is very mean and fights with all the other cats. I had originally thought that the bump on Buddy's nose was from a fight, until it started getting bigger and didn't drain. So I took him to our vet who tried to drain what we thought might be an abcess from a cat fight. It did not drain, it just got bigger. Medications were prescribed, and it was determined he didn't have Feline Leukemia. I brought him back, got more meds and continued to treat him until my husband said, we need another opinion. So another Vet ran some tests and found it was a malignant tumor ... our worst fear, lymphoma.

The lump is big enough that it is affecting his left eye, where the third eyelid is coming up and the eye is mucusy and he probably has very limited vision. He had a tube implanted from his forehead down to under his nose to help with breathing and drainage. More medications and they do not seem to be helping. He is emaciated and so bony you can feel all the bumps of his spine, but he's eating, although very little, and drinking water. He has become very affectionate, which is unlike this cat. He is also lethargic and wobbly. We are at a point where we must decide on expensive treatment or sending him to kitty heaven. Buddy was our first pet, we have had and still have others at home, but being the "first born"... he's had a good life with us and it is so hard to come to a decision on what to do. Please keep us in your thoughts during this difficult time. Thank you.

Outcome: Updated March 2008 - Bud was 15 1/2 years old when he passed into Kitty Heaven and he left a little calico "sister" very sad.

Outcome: Unknown at this time.

- By Linda C. Bud's Mom -
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