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Cat: Whiskers
DSH dilute torti

Type of Lymphoma:
(lymph nodes confirmed, spleen suspect)

FeLV Status:

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Whisker's Case Study  

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Story: Whiskers started acting withdrawn and lethargic in late January, early February 2008. I should have noticed sooner that she wasn't eating, but she's getting older and less active, so I thought maybe she wasn't that hungry. I went away for a week vacation, then looked at her and realized how shockingly thin she had become. I could feel all of her little bones and joints through her fur. She'd always been a little overweight, so this was a surprise. I also noticed that she had been eliminating (feces) in unusual places, and was vomiting more often than she had in the past. I took her to the vet, who first ran bloodwork on her. All normal.

Then, they did an x-ray and found no masses, but they did find some fluid in the abdomen. They pulled out some of the fluid and sent it in for cytology. She was quite distended at the time. They suggested an ultrasound, which we did. The ultrasound doc found no visible masses, but she did note that her lymph nodes were enlarged, as well as her spleen. They did ultrasound-guided, fine-needle aspiration of one lymph node and the spleen and sent those cells off for analysis. Finally got the lab results back, and it confirms lymphoma. I have decided to have an oncology consult at the University of Minnesota Small Animal hospital oncology clinic. My regular vet has prescribed lasix to help eliminate some of the fluid from the belly, Centrine to help with her loose stool, and Prednisone. I was warned to not give prednisone alone for too long if I want to go with chemo, as it can reduce the efficacy of the chemotherapy.

Outcome: As of 3/11/08, she's on Predisone, and feeling much better as far as I can see. The oncology consult went well. She's mid-grade, and might respond well to chemo because she's pretty healthy otherwise. I'm struggling with whether or not to go through with the chemo because I just don't want her to suffer.

- By Beth Whisker's Mom -
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