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Cat: Christmas, Abby, Pokie, Mouse & Elmo
male White, female Russian Blue, male Grey/Black Tabby, female Grey/Black Tabby, male Orange Tabby

Type of Lymphoma:
Never had a chance to find out. They were diagnosed at death.

FeLV Status:
all 5 were positive

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Tonya's 5 Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
Mouse had siezures.

Story: Christmas was almost a year old, and so were Abby and Elmo. Both Mouse and Pokie were only seven months old.

Outcome: All five died: Christmas on June 1, 2005, Abby on June 10, 2005, Pokie on June 16, 2005, Mouse on June 19, 2005, Elmo on July 6, 2005.

- By Tonya Christmas, Abby, Pokie, Mouse, and Elmo's Mom -
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