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Cat: Tiffany
female, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Intermediate cell in intestine and stomach

FeLV Status:

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Tiffany's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: CRF diagnosed 12/07. Decreased appetite in 2/08. Diagnosed in May. Sailed through induction phase of chemo. Decrease in appetite and weight loss began about 6 weeks ago. Her white blood cell count had tanked. Hospitalized and stablized overnight. She needed neupogen injections to get back on track. Began losing weight again 3 weeks ago. Kidney function had worsened markedly. Turns out she has a urinary infection which hopefully is the cause of this.

Outcome: I think she is still in remission but due too her multiple problems am not sure. She is so thin. She should get her regular chemo tomorrow, if white blood cells are cooperating. She is on Baytril which will hopefully get rid of her infection.. I am syringe feeding her as well to hopefully help her to gain weight. She is very thin. She is also on daily fluids and is a difficult cat to administer them to as she moves around a lot. Today she broke a nail and we had to stop because I saw blood.

- By Elise Tiffany's Mom -
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