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Cat: Sebastian
male, DS

Type of Lymphoma:
Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Sebastian's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
Suspected IBD, previous fibrosarcoma at age 13, surgically removed with no reoccurrence.

Story: Sebastian started having issues vomiting when he was about 12 years old. It was very inconsistent. The veterinarian suspected IBD, and I experimented with a lot of different foods until I found one that seemed to decrease his vomiting.

In February 2008, when Sebastian was 15, the vomiting got worse. The vet recommended a switch to canned food only. Sebastian didn't really love canned food, but made the switch with some difficulty. That helped a bit, but he had some very serious episodes of vomiting that required fluids and steroid shots.

My vet referred me to an internist that April, when Sebastian did not seem to be responding to the treatments we had tried. The internist performed an ultrasound and endoscopy with biopsy, with a diagnosis of small cell intestinal lymphoma.

We started on Leukeran (chlorambucil) and prednisone. The internist added Cerenia for nausea as needed (4 mg). We also did B12 shots.

Sebastian started to experience side effects from the Leukeran about 8 months into the treatment. We tried changing the dosage timing, but the side effects continued to worsen. His cancer had significantly subsided, and tests for B12 absorption showed normal levels. But he would get diarrhea and experience more vomiting with the chemo, which gradually got worse. He became anorexic and would not eat.

The internist switched him to CCNU chemo ... the first pill he did great. The second pill triggered diarrhea. Upon examination, it appeared the cancer was flaring up again -- the CCNU was not suppressing it, and it was causing diarrhea.

We then switched to cyclophosphamide with great success! He has been on this for about a year. He also gets metoclopramide for nausea as needed, and since he is still anorexic, he gets mirtazapine every three days as an appetite stimulant. The mirtazapine has significantly helped with his appetite.

Throughout this ordeal, Sebastian has remained his sweet, purring, cuddly self. He is a retired Delta Society therapy cat -- very social, loving nothing more than to curl up in a lap. He is getting deaf in his senior years, so he meows really loud. :)

Outcome: In late April 2010, it will have been two years since diagnosis. Sebastian is a happy, if a bit skinny, cat. I am grateful for every day we can share together.

- By Teoti Sebastian's Mom -
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