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Cat: Ranger

Type of Lymphoma:
Small Cell Intestinal Lymphoma
low grade

FeLV Status:

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Ranger's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: After months of testing, due to terrible diarrhea, an endoscopy revealed the lymphoma.

Outcome: Updated May 2006 - Ranger crossed the Bridge on March 17, 2006 it was not from the lymphoma, which was in remission due to her leukeran and pred protocol.

Outcome: Ranger is on the Fondacaro protocol. Daily prednisilone at 5mg 2xday. Leukeran for four days straight, then blood tests are run on the 10th day, and 7 days after THAT, she begins the leukeran pulse again.

- By Leslie Ranger's Mom -
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