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Cat: Puss Puss
male, Himalayan

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Puss' Case Study  

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Story: Puss had what looked like an injury to his face in June. I examined him and thougt he might have gotten into a fight with one of our other cats. Looked like an irritated eye with some bleeding but I couldn't see from where, just found some drops of blood, so i treated him with an antibiotic and eye ointment. He seemed fine, eating well, energy level the same, no fever.

As the summer went on, his face became more distorted and I took him to the vet who diagnosed a tumor in his face. She said teeth where gone on that side from the tumor, which I would have never known by the way he was eating. When I told her that, she ran some tests for thyroid disorder and came back with liver failure. She said he had about 2 months to live and had me hydrate him 2 xs a week. She also told me he would stop eating, become listless and that would be when I knew it was time to put him down. 3 months later, still eating like a maniac, with virtually no energy changes, the tumor had become so advanced that there was a hole in his face, nose distorted, eye closed up, just a mess. Smelled really bad too. I took him to the vet and she said he's done for. I was really conflicted because he was still eating alot and being himself but she assured me he could not get better, would begin to suffer as his breathing was becoming impared and she didn't feel I should wait until he WAS really suffering to euthanise him. The problem for me was, that particular day he was doing tricks for us at the vets office and it was really hard for me to "kill" him. My vet was very compassionate, sedated him first and I stayed with him petting and talking to him the entire time so I don't feel he felt anything but calm. Still not an easy thing but I do feel that the purebred cats do seem to have more problems then domestic cats. I have his sister and she has had a lifetime of bladder problems so we will see how it plays out for her. Puss was 15 1/2.

Outcome: Euthanized 5 months after first noticing "something" was wrong.

- By Raina Puss Puss' Mom -
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