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Cat: Poe [aka Goose]

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Poe's Case Study  

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Early stage CRF

Story: My girl was diagnosed August 8, 2005, what I now refer to as Black Monday. I thought it was the end. After extensive internet researh (this website included) I decided on chemo. She had been diagnosed with 2 large masses in her intestines. We started with Vincristine, Cytoxan and Predinisone. After the initial treatment, our oncologist could barely palpate the masses that were so prominate before. After a few treatments (and few side-effects) she was in remission. I had 9 months of a healthy cat. We did have some small setbacks during that time, but for the most part, it was great. We went from weekly treatments to every other week, then finally every three weeks... That lasted one time. We decided to ultrasound to see where the disease was at, and low and behold, it was back. That was April 5, 2006. We then tried ccnu which didn't do well for her. After another ultrasound, it was confirmed that the cancer was worse. Just last week, we went with elspar and vincristine.. At this point, she is lethargic and not eating and I am hoping for the best. Her kidney are not in the best shape, and our next plan of attack is adriamycin which has some negative consequences for the kidneys. At this point I'm waiting and hoping that the elspar works and that won't be necessary.

Outcome: We have only started so are currently waiting to see if the elpsar is successful.

- By Lisa Poe's Mom -
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