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Cat: Peanut
male, Tabby Cat

Type of Lymphoma:
Rare form in his neck area - near throat

FeLV Status:

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Peanut's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: Peanut had difficulties breathing starting in November 2004. We thought he had a cold ... took him to the vet, and she said he had asthma. Treated him with Prednisone and an inhaler. Symptoms initially improved but then got worse. Took him back in December, and they did an endoscopy and found a tumor, which when tested was high grade lymphoma. A surgery removed it but it began growing back. He immediately began chemo - The Wisconsin Protocol. He did well until we got to doxyrubucin. It didn't work for him and the lump came back along with the breathing difficulties. We started the protocol all over again and he seemed to be doing well.

He had many spells of not wanting to eat ... and I tried every canned food out there. Peanut was dehydrated and was hospitalized and given an appetite stimulant. This got him up and going for about 2 weeks- until his next round of chemo, which sent him downhill for good. The vets. believe that the cancer had gotten into his bone marrow because he was now anemic. After 2 weeks of shots for anemia and no appetite even with the stimulant ... he became very weak.

Outcome: We had to put him to sleep in April 2005.

- By Michelle Peanut's Mom -
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