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Cat: Papa
male DLH

Type of Lymphoma:
Intestinal Lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Papa's Case Study  

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Story: I found out about Papa's cancer on 1/23/07. A week before I took him to the vet for a suspected UTI. He went outside of his litterbox and it was dark yellow. He was given Clavamox and sent home. Within a week I noticed he lost weight. In the middle of the night he had gone outside of his litterbox again and it was dark brown/red. I panicked and at 1 am I took him to the vet E.R. He was given a blood test and fluids. His calcium level was 4X above normal which I was told could indicate a tumor. I took him to his vet the next day for x-ray. Sure enough there was a huge mass in his abdomen. I later took him to Gulf Coast and was given the grim news of Lymphoma. They did not believe chemo would help. I took home some predinsone and antibiotics because he developed an upper respitory infrection. I was devastated. They could not find the source of the blood though. It was not in his bladder or kidneys.

I took him home and he has been very lethargic. After a friend's reccomendation I started him on raw food and Ambrotose. He has since started eating and I am hopeful. He has been attached to the hip with me and likes to sleep by my side every night. It is 1/27/07. I hoping for a miracle.

Outcome: Treatment ongoing.

- By Rosie Papa's Mom -
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