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Cat: Mario
male, DSH tuxedo

Type of Lymphoma:
GI - Small cell intestinal lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Mario's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: I adopted Mario in June 04 as an untreated diabetic. He was in poor shape. On insulin he was improving. However, in September 04 he started not eating much and vomiting. A blood test showed high liver enzymes. Based on that an ultrasound was performed that showed blocked bile ducts. When they went into Mario to fix the ducts they took biopsies. The biopsies showed the lymphoma. Neither the oncologist nor my vet will give pred because he is diabetic so he is only on Leukeran (2mg) MWF. In Feb 05 and again in April 05 he had an infection as evidenced by high WBC. He was hospitalized and given IV antibiotics. After the last round I had to syringe feed him and give him sub-q fluids since he would not eat or drink.

Outcome: Still doing OK June 05. Since he had no masses he might be in remission. However, he still vomits occasionally.

- By Larry Mario's Dad -
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