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Cat: JiJi
female, Mixed DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Renal [Kidney]

FeLV Status:

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JiJi's Case Study  

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Story: We adopted Jiji from a shelter after visiting her for several hours. She was a little black kitty, nine years old. She seemed shy, but the shelter volunteers said it was because she was declawed. Despite being shy, she really enjoyed being brushed.

A few days after taking her home, we took her to the vet, who basically told us to take her back to the shelter because she "doesn't have a bright future." (Her main symptom was an enlarged kidney. We didn't do that - it didn't seem right. We had blood tests and an xray done, but they were inconclusive. We decided to take good care of her for as long as she had.

Outcome: Less than three weeks after we adopted her, she went downhill very quickly - stopped eating, ragged breathing, just looking terrible. We took her to a new vet (who was very understanding about why we didn't take her back to the vet).

The new vet said that JiJi was at the end and had only a couple of days left. We decided to let her go so she wouldn't suffer, and I held her until the sedative took affect, and then laid her on the table and pet her until she was gone.

Afterwards, the vet had a part of the kidney examined and the result of lymphoma (high grade) was just returned today.

We probably could have extended her life some with aggressive treatment, but it didn't seem fair to put her through that so soon after having lived at a shelter for two months. We miss her tons, but we just think about her being reborn in a new kitten body, running around and crashing into walls and such.

We've since adopted another cat, a young girl that dashes around, sleeps on our stomachs, and generally works very hard to distract us from the pain of losing JiJi.

- By Beverly JiJi's Mom -
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