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Cat: Chip Mays
male, Tabby/Van

Type of Lymphoma:
Low grade GI (stomach, intestines, liver) Lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Chip's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: Chip was diagnosed at age 9 in June 2003. He developed hepatic lipidosis and needed a feeding tube for three months initially. After recovering from the lipidosis, he was started on monthly vincristine IV and .5mg of leukeran every other day. He went into remission right away - started eating on his own 24 hours after his first vincristine injection. We had to decrease the leukeran over the last two years because it kept lowering his WBC. In Feb. 2005, we discontinued it altogether.

Outcome: Status as of July 1, 2005. Chip is still doing really well. He has days when he's tired or a little nauseous, so I treat him with reglan or pepcid.

- By Melanie Chip's Mom -
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