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Sex / Breed: male, Tabby
Type Of Cancer: Intestinal
Other Health Problems: none

Bebe's Story
by Alena

Bebe began losing weight. He stopped eating in mid May and didn't poop for approx. 2 days. Brought to vet. Kept over weekend. Ran blood, xrays, gave enema, said he was bound up. Blood came back negative he was released w/ no definitive diagnosis, nothing wrong. Vet prescribed colace-type pill DSS 100mg. Began eating but never regained any weight. He never really played (as most cats do) so it wasn't odd that he didn't "run around", but he was crankier than normal w/ the younger female although he would still groom her. After hectic June w/ a H.S. prom and graduation, away on 4th, and subsequent car accident, took Bebe back to vet because of no weight gain. Ultrasound w/ needle biopsy, awaiting results.

Outcome: Don't know yet.

Added 03/09/2012
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