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Cat: Tanner
male, Savannah

Type of Lymphoma:
Renal [Kidney]

FeLV Status:

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Tanner's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
Used to have bladder stones

Story: He wasn't feeling well, so took him to the vet, he thought he had a stomach lymphoma and recommended an ultrasound. At the ultrasound it was revealed that he had a tumor on his right kidney and it was recommended to have it removed. Operation was performed on 7/21/09 and the kidney and a lymph node were removed and sent off to biopsy. The biopsy revealed that it was a lypmhoma... He was doing really well, gained 1 1/2 poind since the surgery, very active and allert. Few days ago had a seizure and it seemed like it didn't affect anything, but over the weekend has stopped eating and drinking and has very low energy level. Went to the vet today, Tanner is anemic but other than that seems fine (no fever or other lumps detected). We gave him a shot of cortezone and i am giving him fluids. We don't want to put him through chemo as it seems like there really is no cure just a remission for few months and stress for the cat. What would you suggest be the best option of treatment or making his life as comfortable as possible? Any hollistic supplements?

Outcome: ?

- By Cynthia Tanner's Mom -
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