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Sex / Breed: male, siamese
Type Of Cancer: Renal Lymphoma
Other Health Problems: none

Jake's Story
by Barbara Eden

February 2017 - Jake died suddenly in my arms February 2017. He continued to have good healthy 11 years post diagnosis. He had complete blood work and chemo for all of these years. He died suddenly and unexpectedly. It was shocking but he did not suffer. My heart is broken. Jake was my miracle boy. He lived to 13 ˝ years….many more years than anyone expected. RIP Jake.

March 29, 2015 Jake is still thriving. He is healthy and is a whopping 17 lbs. It is 8 years since he was diagnosed with renal lymphoma. We were told he had 4 to 6 months to live. We all believe this is because of our great vet Dr. Frezzo and oncologist Dr. Fred. We also make sure he is given high quality food and gets his hydration or meds if needed always. Just because he seems healthy we do not ever get lazy when it comes to his care. He gets blood work and chemo every 4 to 5 weeks. We hydrate him every day since he seems to have better kidney function with daily hydration rather then every other day. We discontinued his prednilisone. He is truly our miracle boy at 11 1/2 years young. He shares his life with his new brother Izzy, a Siamese mix rescue. Jake has outlived his healthy siblings. We are blessed to have this wonderful kitty. He is truly a miracle.

October 2012 Jake is almost 6 years in remission. He is a solid 18 1/2 lbs. Jake has amazing energy and curiosity and continues to amuse us. We opted to continue his chemo, pred, and subq fluids. He is truly our miracle boy.

Jake was diagnosed with renal lymphoma at the age of 3 1/2. He was initially given IV fluids and prednisolone since we did not have a diagnosis. He was slipping away with kidney failure. My vet, Dr. Frezzo, in Bayonne NJ started chemo and we had results quickly. We then consulted with Dr. Fred at Red Bank Vet Hospital and he set the protocol for Jake. My vet administers the treatments. Jake is doing amazingly well and in remission.

Outcome: Updated September 2011 - December will mark the 5 year mark of Jake’s diagnosis. He is still truly our miracle boy. We were given the option to stop Jake’s treatment since he could possibly be "cured" however if this was not the case according to Dr. Fred and if he went out of remission his chances of survival would be poor. We continue to have Dr. Frezzo administer chemo treatments every 3 weeks. Dr. Fred suggested we do not go past the 4 week time frame. He is give subq fluids every other day as well as prednisone. Since he hates taking pills we have been able to give him the prednisone subq also. Jake celebrated his 8th birthday.

Outcome: Updated December 2010 - Jake is now 4 years in remission and continues to receive chemo every 3 weeks as a precautionary measure. He gets hydration as well as predniisone every other day. He is a whopping 16 1/2 lbs. He is truly my miracle boy.

Outcome: Updated December 2008 It is now 2 years since Jakes diagnosis and he is still doing very well. We will be visiting his oncologist to decide the continuation of his chemo treatments.

Outcome: Updated August 2008 Jake is still doing well with an amazing energy level. He continues to get chemo every 3 weeks and prednilisone and fluids every other day.
He is 1 year in remission. He is so loved by everyone and seems to be beating the odds for now. He had a prognosis of 4 to 5 months. We plan to continue his treatments under the care of Dr. Phil Frezzo in Bayonne, NJ and Dr. Rogers Fred at Red Bank, NJ.

Outcome: Updated December 2007 - We are celebrating Jake's remission of one year. He is now a husky 14 lbs. He continues to get chemo every 3 weeks. He recently had a cold and was treated with L-lysine. He is a loving perky guy. We plan to continue the treatments another year as prescribed. He also continues to take a tablet of Prednilisone and a tablet pepcid AC. He gets hydration every other day also.

Outcome: Updated March 2007 - I wanted to update the case study of Jake who had been diagnosed with renal lymphoma. He is now almost 7 months since his diagnosis and doing extremely well. He is now on his chemo treatments every 3 weeks and enjoying life pain free. He still gets his prednisone and Pepcid AC daily. Every day having my wonderful boy is a gift. I hope this gives hope to those caregivers who question whether chemo treatment is an option.

Outcome: Jake has had chemo and in remission. We are now 3 1/2 months since diagnosis. He is doing so well.

  ADDRESS - New Jersey, USA  
Added 10/02/2012
Updated 03/29/2015
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