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Type Of Cancer: Lung cancer
Other Health Problems: None

Teenye's Story
by Belinda

Teenye was very sweet and shy, she started limping one day and I checked her over and noticed she one of her digits on her front paw was three times the size it should've been. I took her to be checked and they did a biopsy and it came back as an adenocarcinoma. This was back in 2000, my then vet recommended we remove her digit, we did and she had problems getting the bleeding to stop, a few days later I found another lump on her back paw digit, we did a lung xray and she had a massive tumor there, had my vet done this to start with I wouldn't have put her through having her digit removed which she never recovered from. We never got the bleeding under control completely and even had to get a transfusion one night because she was bleeding so much she had become anemic. She lived about a month after having her digit removed.

This vet was not a specialist and I would recommend anytime you are dealing with cancer, find an oncologist or at the very least have your regular vet consult with one.

Teenye's cancer had started in her lungs and metastisized to her digits an oncologist would probably figured this out and not removed her digit making her last month less than it could have been because of her bleeding problem.

  ADDRESS - Washington, USA  
Added 05/09/2011
Updated 05/15/2011
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