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Sex / Breed: short haired tuxedo
Type Of Cancer: undiagnosed - suspected
Other Health Problems: rodent lip

rocky's Story
by dorothy bradis

Rocky is a cat I adopted from the feline shelter I work at. He was diagnosed with rodent lip and placed on a maintenance dose of prednisone (5mg) twice/week.

I noticed his mouth was becoming very messy, water coming out when drinking, dry food trying to be eaten on different sides, wet food all over lower jaw. I took him to the vet, after looking under his tongue he discovered a rather large swollen area which made it difficult for him to eat and drink. Lymphoma was mentioned, and could be diagnosed for 300.00. I love my boy with all my heart, but cannot pay for the biopsy. The vet recommended prednisone (5mg) 1xday. This helped. Recently I noticed a lump on the inside of his left ear. He is scratching this because I see the blood streaks. When I press on this lump he does not appear to have any pain (I would know, he is rather skiddish). Could this be lymphoma spreading? Also he developed an abcess for which I gave him 1cc of penG for 8 days. I want to help my boy and feel inadequate as his mom because I cannot afford the cost of the biopsy. Please, any suggestions???

  ADDRESS - Florida, USA  
Added 03/26/2012
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