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Sex / Breed: Siamese mix
Type Of Cancer: Lung cancer
Other Health Problems: Allergies, HCM, CRF and Asthma

Joey's Story
by Belinda

This is a hard one for me to talk about, Joey is my life, the apple of my eye. He is a big Mama's boy, we are very close. I got him when he was 9 weeks old, just a little fluff of cuteness. He was such a little stinker, getting into everything. He mellowed and became very laid back as an adult. He had many health issues all his life, allergies, HCM, he developed CRF and then asthma but the worse was his lung cancer diagnosis. I was stunned.

He had been wheezing some and I was concerned about CHF because of the fluids he needed for his CRF, so I asked my vet to do an xray of his lungs to make sure there wasn't a problem and that is when we saw something in his lungs that didn't look right. We had a radiologist look at them and he was pretty certain it was a tumor. I opted not to do the surgery because after consulting with an oncologist and medical internist we all decided with Joey's other health issues and some toe problems he was having I wasn't certain he would survive the surgery and I was not prepared to lose him right then. Lung cancer commonly metastesizes to the toes, and Joey had something going on with his toes that antibiotics weren't really helping. We had found the cancer very early but he still would have had to lose a lung lobe and with asthma, heart issues and CRF surgery was very risky.

I decided to treat him homeopathically and he did very well for the first 5 months. Then things started deteriorating, he still had a fair appetite but was losing weight. He got weaker and weaker and then did lose his appetite. I knew we didn't have long. One November 4th, 2010 at 11:25 AM, my baby, the love of my life left me for spirit. I miss him more than anything and still can't think about him without welling up.

If I could have been even a little certain that what was going on with his toes wasn't the cancer having spread and that he had a decent chance of surviving the surgery I may have risked it, I always fight tooth and nail to save my kids, but Joey was very gentle and didn't want to struggle so I couldn't do that to him, it was the hardest thing I have ever done to not plow forward, but it was what my boy wanted. I have always struggled when people say they can't put their babies through treatment, but now I understand ...

  ADDRESS - Washington, USA  
Added 05/08/2011
Updated 05/10/2011
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