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Sex / Breed: DLH
Type Of Cancer: Liver cancer
Other Health Problems: None

Buddie's Story
by Belinda

Buddie was diagnosed with liver cancer via a FNA. She has just lost 6 pounds over the last 18 months and was feeling better than she had probably in her whole life. She was throwing up more than usual, Buddie threw up 3 or 4 times a month, this was not unusual for her and we had her checked periodically to make sure nothing was going on, my vet never found anything. But when she started throwing up 3 or more times a week I had an xray done and that is when we saw that her liver didn't look right.

We did the fine needle aspirate and cancer cells were found. Small cell, no tumors, it was diffused throughout her liver.

We did chemo and Buddie got so sick, she stopped eating, I stopped the chemo, she had 3 treatments. Syringe feeding wasn't an option for her and I had a feeding tube put in. She did very well, she loved her feeding tube, she would see me go in the kitchen to get her syringes ready and run to the couch and wait for me. She would lay with all 4 feet tucked under her while I fed her and gave her the meds and when we were finished, she would plop over on her side and go to sleep. She was not happy when I was weaning her off of the tube.

She did well for about 4 months after getting her tube out and then started getting very sick again, quit eating and was not doing well.

I decided to have another tube put in, I spent the night before surgery loving Buddie and I told her if she was ready to go home to spirit it was OK, I told her I would be OK. I told her I wanted her to stay but the decision was her's and if she did decide to leave to please let me know she was OK.

She survived the surgery but went into cardiac arrest in recovery, they couldn't save her.

Three days after she passed, I got up to feed my other furkids and when I was returning to the bedroom, the light in the exercise room was on, it wasn't when I got up. This was Buddies room, the room she went to to be alone, she was a loner and went in there to get away from the other kitties. She was letting me know she was OK ... I thanked her and with a smile on my face went to bed!

  ADDRESS - Washington, USA  
Added 05/08/2011
Updated 10/06/2011
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