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Sex / Breed: Female Grey Domestic Medium Hair
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoma

Anu's Story
by Willo

Anu is a pretty Leo Kitty who just turned 14 in early August. Her first furry friend Merlin lived to be over 20 and left us when Anu was 9. Just two months ago I finally added another cat companion to the house, Zeek, who is now almost 4 months old and adores her. Anu tolerates him and sometimes even seems to truly like the little rascal. About four months ago I noticed Anu acting a big strangely, sitting under the couch more and going under the bed at night instead of sleeping with us as she always had. Her energy was lagging. Also her hearing seemed to rapidly diminish. I took her to the vet for an exam. Nothing stood out. I’ve since changed vets as I didn’t like the staff there. About two weeks ago Anu’s eye started to look odd, as though the pupil was misshapen. The vet was concerned. It became rapidly worse over a week, turning red, covered with haze and frightening. The old vet recommended immediate removal, I went for a second opinion as I felt unsure. The second vet diagnosed her with lymphoma based on the look of the tumor in her eye, the feel of her kidneys (very enlarged and lumpy) & her bloodwork. He was 99.9% sure. He didn’t recommend putting her into surgery. It all added up to me and sadly made sense. I’ve been devastated seeing my dear companion decline so rapidly. Her spirit and appetite remained however and her beauty, but she has also taken to licking the floor and trying to eat litter at times, due to her anemia it seems. Doc suggested steroids and CBC. Started the prendilisone last night at 1m as prescribed. Anu was very agitated in the night with eyes staring like she had seen a dozen spooks or taken speed. She was unable to retract her claws. So I gave her an herbal calm chew, to help her relax, which had knocked her out in the past, used as a traveling aid. Vitamin B. L-Theanine. Colostrum Peptide Calming Complex. Nothing major. However now she has lost her mobility, decreased before but not like this, now this morning she is unable to walk. And her appetite is suddenly gone. Still her spirit shines and she looks relaxed. The vet said to hold off on the 2nd dose of steroids till she improves and then cut it down to 1/2 m to start. He said the steroid might have amplified the effect of the calming chew. Any wisdom to impart? Has anyone here experienced a strong initial reaction to the steroid, with an amped out kitty, then it balanced? Or immobility? (which may be from the strong calming dose). I know Anu won’t live forever. I don’t want her to be like a Frankenkitty just for my own pleasure. But I was hoping maybe there was a way to keep her content and perhaps even help shrink the tumors, as so many others have experienced. Thank you for taking the time to read this long missive. On pins and needles here. Anu now resting on her favorite box, tail
swaying, peaceful.

  ADDRESS - New York, USA  
Added 10/12/2019
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