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Sex / Breed: Singapura (neutered)
Type Of Cancer: Unknown

Chip's Story
by Marie Geary

Chip actually preceded his mom, Buffy across the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge. He acted healthy until two days before giving up. My partner noticed that he wasn’t eating which wasn’t totally out of the ordinary but we took him into the vet. Lab work was done, X-rays and an ultrasound. All labs were normal but he stayed for the day for fluids. His vet called later in the day to give me the bad news. The ultrasound showed multiple tumors. There was nothing we could do. I scheduled him for euthanasia the next evening but wanted him home one more night. He had already withdrawn from us so we made the decision to take him in earlier. He was my baby and it just about killed me to say goodbye. We didn’t elect to have him necropsied because I didn’t think knowing what kind of cancer really mattered. It was our first time losing a cat to the dreaded “C” word. He was 10 years old. That was 2016. Buffy passed in 2017. At that point we were paranoid and took Chip’s brother in for an ultrasound and everything looked good. That didn’t last. Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to Chip’s brother.

  ADDRESS - California, USA  
Added 04/22/2019
Updated 12/08/2021
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