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Sex / Breed: Singapura
Type Of Cancer: Lymphosarcoma
Other Health Problems: Asthma

Buffy's Story
by Marie Geary

Buffy exhibited chronic respiratory infections that we treated with antibiotics with no luck. We nebulized with albuterol and budesanide which helped. At some point we took her back to our vet because she was having difficulty breathing. They sent us to the 24 hr emergency hospital where they gave fluids and kept her in their oxygen cage. Buffy got better but a CT scan and rhinoscopy was recommended. That was when we discovered she had Lymphosarcoma. The rhinoscopy actually cleared up her nasal passages so she could breathe, eat, and even play. We discussed chemo but Buffy’s decision was no. We decided to take her home. She gave us another month of happiness and then she said, in her own way, it was time to rest. We made that awful trip to our vet and held and gave love until she passed over the bridge. It still hurts two years later. Unfortunately our story continues.

  ADDRESS - California, USA  
Added 04/15/2019
Updated 12/08/2021
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