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Sex / Breed: F, metis
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoma, stage IV
Other Health Problems: skin allergies

Sasha's Story
by Amy Dragomir

Sasha was born in 2005, from a Burmese mom and a stray dad. She has been in my care since she was a few months old. Sterilised at 6 or 7 months of age. She had no serious health issues until she started vomitting and having nausea.
On the 19th of Nov,2016 she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and given medication: Corpet, Ipakitine, Fortekor, RX Renal. She started feeling better from the first day of treatment. Vomitting stopped, she started eating 6 times a day, using her litter box again (previously, she used to urinate all over the house). She gained some weight, seems alright, considering... The vet gave her one month to live, 2 months tops. Hopefully, I'll manage to keep her alive and happy more than that.

  ADDRESS - Europe  
Added 12/03/2016
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