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Sex / Breed: male, DSH Tabby
Type Of Cancer: Gastro-intestinal
Other Health Problems: Chronic Renal Disease/Failure, Pancreatitis, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Max's Story
by Michelle

Max was diagnosed in 10/2003 at age 13 3/4. He was in the emergency hospital due to a blockage in his small intestine. When they removed the blockage they biopsied his intestines since they were slightly thickened. We tried Leukeran for 6 months but his WBC & platelet counts got too low. He has been off chemo since 5/2004. His appetite comes & goes which is stressful, but other than that he seems perfectly fine.

As of June 2005, Max is still living.

Added 05/12/2011
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