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Sex / Breed: female / DSH, black
Type Of Cancer: nasal lymphoma, large cell
Other Health Problems: arthritis, heart murmur, allergies, possibly asthma

Georgie Girl's Story
by Kristina

In August 2014, my cat Georgie started sneezing. Once her eyes became goopy, we saw the vet. She diagnosed Georgie with a virus. When she didn't get better, the vet diagnosed as URI and put her on antibiotics. Shortly after we started a second round of antibiotics, Georgie had a very bloody nose.

I took her to an internist who diagnosed her with lymphosarcoma, large cell nasal lymphoma. The tumor had filled her nasal cavity and was starting to creep behind her right eye.

I knew Georgie was a fighter. I adopted her from a wonderful rescue that saved her from starvation because she was too sick (due to an abscess) to search for food. She was incredibly thin upon rescue. This left her with very few teeth due to malnutrition. Her guesstimated age is believed to be about 7 years at the time that she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

I made the decision to pursue treatment and in Oct 2014, she had 2 treatments of cyberknife (aka stereotactic) radiation. The change was immediate and drastic. She went from needing to be hand fed chicken to eating cat food completely on her own shortly after returning home from her second treatment.

Two weeks later, she began chemo which had its ups and downs. Georgie finished chemo in mid April 2015 and has been in remission since then.

  ADDRESS - New Jersey, USA  
Added 10/30/2015
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Georgie Girl
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