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Sex / Breed: male, DMH
Type Of Cancer: Lymphoblastic intestinal and renal
Other Health Problems: None

C.C.'s Story
by Frank

C.C. was diagnosed on 9th June 2004. I took him in to the vet to see why he was losing weight. He was acting normally up until then. Vet diagnosed probable lymphoma of the intestine and kidney based on palpation and x-ray; referred us to a veterinary oncologist. Oncologist did ultrasound and fine needle aspirate; lymphoma confirmed. Started with a one-time injection of L-asparaginase and COP protocol. Achieved full remission in three weeks. At week 6, chemo frequency was reduced, and CCNU was added to the mix.

C.C. did very well until his bone marrow became unable to keep up with the white cells being killed by the chemo. We were unable to do chemo for a period of 1.5 months, as his neutrophils were just not coming back up, and the lymphoma returned as a result. In retrospect, I wish we had used l-asparaginase in the meantime, or whatever that drug is that boosts white cells. I asked about it, but the oncologist thought it was not a good idea, for reasons of which I am unsure.

C.C. died on April 2nd, 2005, after nearly ten months survival since diagnosis. This was much longer than the 3-5 months they estimated for large cell renal lymphoma.

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