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Sex / Breed: male, DSH
Type Of Cancer: Alimentary
Other Health Problems: At his last blood work (6-13-05), the hematocrit was at 28%, kidney values (urea and creatinine) are a little high.

Caesar's Story
by Bettina

Sept. 2003 diagnosis lymphoma, age at that time 16, now nearly 18, diagnosed by sonogram and puncture biopsy.

Drugs: first depot-injections with cortisone, the ones that last 5 - 7 weeks. He responded to them, but these injections don't supply the body with a steady level of cortisone. Caesar was using up the cortisone too fast. I know today that the cortisone from the first injection was used up after 3.5 weeks.

At 2 month after diagnosis he was in very bad shape. In November my then new vet decided to change to a different oral drug because she didn't want him to die of Cushings. We switched to prednisone, first 5 mg per day, later 2.5 mg per day. After that change he was continuously better. The first vet dissuaded us from chemo, a lot of stress for the cat, not sure, if it really brings some extra time for the cat. The second vet didn't mention chemo (Caesar was in a bad shape at this visit the end of October 2003).

In March 2004 by palpation there were no normal structures felt in his abdomen. By the way, at that time the vet was very astonished, how well Caesar still is. Middle of Nov. 2003 he was so bad, that she gave me her private number in case I should need it and I was worrying, he won't be alive beginning of the next year. By the way, Caesar is nourished with and fed raw meat.

Caesar is very well, his fur is still soft and shiny, no pains, eats well, muscles are reduced, but he is still able to jump on the bed, loves being outside. At his last blood work (6-13-05), the hematocrit was at 28%, kidney values (urea and creatinine) are a little high.

Updated March 2007 - Caesar died yesterday, Friday, March 23, 2007, aged 19 years seven month, 3.5 years after the lymphoma has been diagnosed. Caesar just fell asleep and died. It was very peaceful and I am very happy that he did not suffer. He was very well till 5 days before his death. The day he collapsed it was very warm outside and he was out the whole afternoon, enjoying the sun and the warmth.

Added 05/05/2011
Updated 05/08/2011
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