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Cat: Spencer
neutered male, Oriental Shorthair

Type of Lymphoma:

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Spencer's Case Study  

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Story: Spencer is the exact opposite of his buddy, Tigger; he is very introverted and shy when first meeting new people, but warms up with time. Spencer had NO SYMPTOMS of any lung problem whatsoever, instead, he was vomiting.

Since he has previously ingested foreign material which had caused vomiting twice, I took him to the internist with a planned endoscopic removal of ANOTHER foreign object. There was none, just some mild G.I. irritation. However, on the thoracic x-ray something inappropriate was in evidence. So, the next step(s) consisted of a CT-Scan and the obtaining of biopsies for histological study. The internist was not optomistic and stated he was concerned it was lung cancer, but just to cover all other possible (though not probable) circumstances, Doxycycline was prescribed in case mycoplasma pneumonia turned out to be the villian.

Outcome: That was just today, so I'm waiting impatiently for the results from the lab. Once I have those in hand, if they indicate cancer, then we'll traverse the distance to Sacramanto and meet with Tigger's oncologist to see what, if anything, can be done for Spencer. I find it so difficult to believe that anything that horrible could be wrong with him, as he's eating, playing, purring, playing "fetch" with me like a puppy would....Cancer????

- By Karen Spencer's Mom -

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