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Cat: Sasha
female, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Gastrointestinal Lymphoma

FeLV Status:

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Sasha's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
Heart condition

Story: Well it all started after we came back to Georgia from NJ. We were visiting our families and Sasha got to play with the other cats there. When we came home she started acting letharic and we thought she was lonely we even started going to shelters to look for a playmate for her. A week went by and we noticed she was losing weight and not eating like she normally does because she loves to eat. We took her to our regular vet and they ran tests they said her white blood count was high and she probably had an infection but other then that they sensed nothing was wrong. She took the medicine they gave us and in two weeks was back to her normal self. Then two days after the medicine was done she started all over again we caught her eating litter in the litter box and this was something she would never do ever. We took her back to our regular vet and this time they ran tests they said her white blood count was very high and she was anemic. The doctor then felt a mass in her belly and she said there was a chance it could be cancerous or just an abyst. They took xrays and then sent us to a emergency vet specialist. He ran all these tests and he looked at the xrays he said he thought it might be pancreatic cancer or lymphoma. He also found out she had a heart condition. She went into surgery the next day and they took out a 6x3 tumor from her intestines he also noticed a spot on her kidney and he did a biopsy. April 1st test results came back lymphoma on both the kidney and the tumor that was taken out. Sasha is a very aggressive cat, hates going to the vet and cant sit still. Because of her aggressive nature and heart conditon she is a poor candiate for chemo. All they gave us was predisone. I told to come back in two weeks for a checkup.

Outcome: Updated May 2008 - Sasha was battling cancer pretty well even the vet said you wouldn't know she had cancer. However on Sunday night May 4th for the first time she started crying, throwing up and urinating around the house. So we decided it was time to end her suffering. Monday May 5th we took her to the vet to be enthuasized but she died on the table when we got her there. This is our typical Sasha ending things on her terms. We miss her dearly but we know she is in a better place now and not suffering.

Outcome: 4/22/08- It was determined at her checkup that the cancer was spreading all the way to the kidneys now. The one kidney with the cancer is 5X the size of what it should be and the other 2x the size it should be. He said she would be going into kidney failure and really there is nothing left to do but spoil her and let her enjoy what time she has left, so as I type this she is still with us and we are spoiling her.

- By Jill Sasha's Mom -
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