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Cat: Saki
female, Mixed DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Renal [Kidney]

FeLV Status:

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Saki's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:

Story: Saki starting vomiting more about 16 months ago and at that time was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease. Blood work and x-rays were not taken at this time. Change of food to allergy/minimal ingredients seemed to help for about 4-5 months and vomiting lessened. Her coat would become dry and then clear up. Her eyes would have some discharge and then clear up. Appetite and weight didn't change too much, as she is an 11 year old cat. Jan. 2008 she started vomiting again (1-2 times a week). Diagnosis still irritable bowel. In Feb. 2008 she got violently ill and was vomiting 1-2 times a day. We took her in and x-rays and complete blood panel taken. Her CREA and BUN levels were within range and x-rays didn't show any noticeable symptoms. She was given sub Q fluids, and a long lasting steroid shot. After 2 days she still wasn't coming around and the vet changed meds to include something for nausea (not sure of prescription name).

After the shot everything dramatically changed for about 2 weeks ... her fur was like mink, her eyes cleared up, appetite increased and urination increased (which were told her it would with the steroids). She threw up once, but it appeared hairball related. Within 5 more days she threw up again and it was blood (dark red with clots). We took her back in immediately and another blood panel and x-rays taken. Her CREA was 46 and her BUN was 91 and her kidneys were the size of golf balls (I could see this with my untrained eyes.) We left her overnight for fluids and they ran another panel after 24 hours and her numbers had gotten worse. On March 7, 2008 we rushed her to the University of Illinois Veterinary Hospital were more diagnostics were done as well as a kidney asperation, at which time they diagnosed her with lymphoma. We have immediately started her on chemo therapy and are told that we will have to bring her in once a week for treatments and progress reports for 8 weeks and then every other week thereafter. We are hopefully going to bring her home this Monday.

Outcome: Hopefully I won't have one for several years, but I will keep you posted. I think this website is wonderful and it has helped me cope with this upsetting situation.

- By Joy Saki's Mom -
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