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Cat: Poey
male, DSH, age 14

Type of Lymphoma:
Multi-centric. High grade lymphoblastic lymphoma mass lymph node enlarged by the infiltrate of lymphoblasts--mass in caudal ABD

FeLV Status:

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Poey's Case Study  

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Story: Poey’s lymphoma was diagnosed on April 26, 2005 with a mass, which was a lymph node pressing against his colon. He was also having constipation. He was diagnosed by ultrasound and needle biopsy. Poey’s treatment is from the University of Wisconsin, Madison Chemotherapy protocol for cats with lymphoma, although Poey does not take the prednisone, since he is diabetic. This is a 25-week therapy using Vincristine, L-asparaginase (one-time only), cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, alternated weekly. After week 9 he will have chemo every other week until the 25th week. Poey is responding really well to the chemo drugs with no weight loss, good appetite, good spirits, looks good. His glucose numbers have been kind of all over the place but the Dr. said it was to be expected, and we are increasing and decreasing insulin accordingly for now.

Outcome: UPDATE [7/24/2005] Poey's Dr. called me yesterday and said he is in remission, he still has 7 weeks of his chemo left and the trick will be to keep him in remission once he is off the chemo. He also had eye herpes that has cleared up so that is one hurdle we got over. He is on lysine which is an immune system booster for herpes. That and two different 2 kinds of eye drops administered 6 times a day has worked to clear the herpes up. Dr. also suggested that salmon oil be put on his food to help to keep the cancer away.

The mass had shrunk after the first chemo treatment and still not present as of 6-22-05.

- By Laurie Poey's Mom -
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