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Cat: Mystery
female, DSH

Type of Lymphoma:
Small Cell Intestinal

FeLV Status:

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Mystery's Case Study  

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Other Diseases/Conditions:
CRF, hyperthyroid, pancreatitis

Story: Mystery started vomiting more and more frequently, and had lost weight. Exploratory surgery found some growths in her intestines which were found to be small cell intestinal lymphoma. After healing, she was started on Chlorambucil (Leukeran) 2 times a week and Predisone once a day. Three months later she was doing great and we tried switching from oral Prednisone to Depo-Med shots, but she did not do as well (lost weight), so switched back to oral Prednisone.

She has a low-profile gastro port we use to give her meds and sometimes Rebound or CliniCare RF liguid diets when she is not eating well. She has been on varying amounts of cyproheptadine (currently 1 pill twice a day) as an appetite stimulant. During a bad spell about a year ago, started her on Marin (1 pill tice a day, now just once a day).

Last spring she had another exploratory surgery due to some fluid in abdomen, but did not find any perferation. May 2007 discovered hyperthyroid and started her on methimazole. Also ultasound found some intestinal adhesions. After doing well last summer, she has not been doing so well this past fall -- she has pancreatitis (fPLI elevated), a common problem with IBD, which is what often leads to lymphoma. She had three days of IV fluids and now 100 ml of subQ fluids daily. Lately, her potassium has been low so she gets oral potassium glutinate supplement twice a day. Just started her on B-12 injections a week ago (Decemeber 2007). I keep a log, measuring what she eats and weighing her daily, to help guage her health.

Outcome: Updated October 2008 - Sad update, during a third bout of pancreatitis (October 2008), Mystery lost her battle: three years, three months, and one week after diagnosis with small cell intestinal lymphoma (July 2005). She was 17 years and 5 months old. She purred one last time.

Outcome: Initial prognisis was 90% chance of remission, and expected duration of remission 6 months to two years. Mystery is a miracle -- she has been in remission for two and a half years! While she has had multiple crises, most have been brief and she seems happy most of the time. She purrs more than ever and we have become much closer. I think she understands. She has a strong will to live.

- By Amy Mystery's Mom -
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