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Cat: Monty
male, Moggie

Type of Lymphoma:

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Monty's Case Study  

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Story: Monty was a tiny kitten, from a rescue centre. Vet told us he was going to be small but healthy. By 4 years old he weiged 5.9 kilo's. Vet admitted that he had to eat his words!! Home surrounded by farmland and that's where he lived for 12 hours of the day. Big healthy cat for 9 years. Brought home mice, but ate them! Even dogs were scared of him and he didn't even have to do anything to make them afraid. Found Tia his little sister on 20th August, 2004. She was in the middle of the road and with a badly injured leg. She was so active and he didn't know how to handle it. Thought that he would eat her!! She would pounce on him wanting to play as soon as he walked in and he looked like he just hated her, but he never once hurt her, which surprised me. He just seemed to tolerate her. On 11th July noticed that he wasn't eating properly which was very unusual. Even tuna wasn't tempting him. Drinking excessive amounts of water. 12th July, out all day as usual and not interested in food in the evening which was very unusual for Monty. Friday 13th July, wouldn't get out of bed. Not interested in food. Only got up to drink water. Took him to vet. De-hydrated and down to 4.8 kilo's. Kept at vet and put on IV fluids. Blood tests showed high levels of toxins that kidneys should filter. Kept in all weekend and blood tests every 24 hours. Sunday 15th July, higher toxin levels. Monday 16th July received x-ray and ultrasound. Thickened mass around both kidneys and lesions on lungs. Diagnosed with Renal Lymphoma. Anabolic steroid injection and home on Tuesday, 16th July, 2007. Advised to keep him in, which I knew that I couldn't do. Let him go out on Wednesday 17th July and he went out from 0930 until 1730. So tired when he came home. Steadily went downhill from then on, but still wanted to go out. Friday 28th July. Stopped showing an interest in food. Feeding Kaminox food supplement (as prescribed by vet) through a pipette. Tried everything from scrambled egg, prescription food from vet, cooked chicked, tuna, cat milk, mince. Saturday, 28th July. Desperate measures Liquidised food fed through a syringe. Not a happy kitty and I am stressed out too. Sunday, 29th July. Good day, ate half tin of tuna given to him by my neighbour, who knows him well. Makes me think that I am stressing him out by forcing him to eat. Monday 30th July. Not eating much. Went out at 1700 and returned home at 2230. He doesn't seem to realise that he is ill and he is so tired. Tuesday, 31st July. Really bad day. Not eating and no interest in going out. I had always said that that was when I would know when it was time to put him to sleep. Wednesday 1st August. Appointment at vet at 1910 hours. Really bad day. Could hardly walk and flopped on wood floor in the kitchen for most of the day.

Outcome: On Wednesday, 1st August at 19:45 pm Monty was put to sleep. He had lost more weight and kidneys were enlarged and you could see the lumps caused by the tumours. He was dehydrated, even though he had been drinking excessively. It was the most awful thing that I have ever had to do to my precious boy, but he was starting to suffer. I made the decision not to stay for the injection and I still do not know if I have done the right thing. I am haunted by my last memory of my baby lying on the vet's table and me walking away from him, but I was not thinking straight and didn't know what to do. Going to scatter his ashes under the hydrangea bush in my garden. His favourite hiding place. Tia misses him and looks for him every night.

- By Lynne Monty's Mom -
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